Saturday, December 19, 2009

About Me

Ah ha! You want to know more about me?

If you are interested, please click here. It’s about me from my husband sight. He quietly rewards me on his blog.

Long… long time ago, when we were just a friend, Joseph showed me bible verses from Proverbs 31:10-31. He told me that I should learn to become a woman like what is written there.

I know that those verses are not easy to be practiced and applied. I need Lord to strengthen and mould me to be a good wife, mother and woman. Until now, I still can fail sometimes, but thank God that I have a wonderful husband to support me physically and spiritually.

“Thanks darling for the Award 2009. I still need to learn more…”

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jakarta Boy

Joseph always calls Fidel, “Jakarta Boy” every time Fidel goes to Jakarta. Actually we’ve been here for almost 3weeks. J accompanied us here for 4-5days and he went back for work. Our last trip to Jakarta was ten months ago, F was only 4.5month-old. Now he is 14months.

At first we quite worry as the journey takes 2hours20minutes and as we know F can’t sit still too long, he likes to be free, crawl and play. We manage to make F sleeps on the plane. What I need to do is wake him up earlier and keep him active for 2-2.5hours. Finally, just before boarding, F fell asleep. Yeah! We made it.

He slept for 1hour. When he woke up, he wondered where he was. He hurried walked to the window and looked out, and he said,”Oh…oh….” I guessed he was amazed to see the cloud and the blue sky. We still have about 1hour in the plane. We just let him sit, stand, play and had his lunch too. The seats were not full, Fidel paid RM30 for Penang-Jakarta flight and he had his own seat.

We reached Jakarta about 12noon. Yeah! “Here we are again!” My sister-Belley and my grandma were waiting for us. Because we tired and the weather was about to rain, so I prefer to home and had lunch at lunch as my mom had prepared food for us.
We reached home and Fidel starts his inspection. He crawled to every corner in the house. Our house in Jakarta is not childproof. I was very busy in following Fidel and say ”No-no” all the time.

Jakarta Boy is in action!
Hope you enjoy your holiday here, Fidel.
Fidel's 2nd trip to Jakarta (14months)
With Pho-pho in the zoo??
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