Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Baby Had Pneumonia

It’s been a long time, I didn’t update my blog. I was busy with taking care of Fidel. We had hard weeks because our beloved baby fell sick.

It started with dry cough for few days and when it came to a cough with phlegm, I took him to the doctor.

After five days took the medicine, he didn’t recover. Doctor changed the medicine. The next day evening, I felt Fidel’s body a little bit warm. Fidel had fever for three days. I took him to the doctor again, and she said he had Pneumonia. It’s a lung infection because a lot of phlegm inside there and it cause fever.
Doctor asked us to do phlegm suction to Fidel as he was not able to make the phlegm out. We could not imagine 2 tiny tubes will go through his nose and mouth into his lung; sure he will feel painful and suffer. We don’t want our 6 month old Fidel to experience this thing, as he still taking the cough and runny nose medicine, plus nebulizer which we do at home every four hours (Thanks to Karen for lend me the nebulizer compressor)
Two days later we went to check again and the phlegm still remain the same. Next two days, also still the same. In one week, we went to doctor for four times. Finally doctor told us not to drag the time anymore, or it will cause lung damage as the phlegm stays too long in the lung, which is already 15days. When I heard that it can cause lung damage, it really broke my heart. With very heavy feeling I told doctor, “I’ll bring him two days later for suction if there is no progression.”

Within that week, came red spots on Fidel face, shoulders, and arms till his whole body. It was measles. Thank God it’s a fake one, and it was called Roseola. Doctor didn’t do any treatment on it, and it disappeared after three days.

Many of our church members in Penang, Jakarta, and many places, they prayed for Fidel. We really hope that through prayers and the medicine and the treatment which Fidel takes, he can recover soon.

The next day we heard him cough and cough. Two days later we hardly heard him cough. He is getting better and better day by day. Few days later we brought him to check again, and the doctor said,” I didn’t hear anymore phlegm.”

Thank God, he finally answered our prayers.

Dear all brothers and sisters in Christ, we would like to thank you very very much for remember us, especially Fidel in your prayers.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fidel First Tooth

Yesterday when Joseph and I had our dinner at home, Fidel smiles to me, and I saw something white and shinny in his mouth. I wondered whether it’s a tooth. I quickly washed my hand, and put my finger in. “Yeah! Fidel got a tooth!” I shouted happily. We were so happy because this is our first experience that our first child, Fidel had his first tooth at his 6.5 months old.

From what I read, baby first teeth usually sprout when they’re between 4 and 7 months of age.Last week I just thought why Fidel first tooth didn’t show up. I forgot to check the gum as well. Since last week Fidel keeps making bubble sounds. I think now I know why he keeps doing it, because he doesn’t feel comfortable with “something” in his mouth and he tries to blow it out.

Wanted to take his first tooth picture, but he puts his tongue out every time I press down his chin.
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