Sunday, February 28, 2010

Valentine Surprise

It’s quite late to post about Valentine and Chinese New Year now, but let me keep this “Sweet Moment” in my blog. So that when I get old, I still can remember what happened on that day.

13 February 2010, it was Chinese New Year eve, we had our family dinner attended by my parents-in-law, older sister-in-law family and our family at Korea Palace. It was a very nice restaurant, although a bit expensive. The food was all over the table, many side dishes – Korean typical foods were served as a complimentary. Those dishes were delicious and very tasty. Love it.
Just before we started our dinner, Joseph announced that I’m pregnant. Everybody was surprise and very happy for us. Then… we start our dinner.

While we were eating, there’s a man came and calling my name,
“Miss Liana…??”
“Yes…?” Why got people calling my name? When I turn my head around, I saw beautiful flowers. I thought this restaurant was so kind, give the ladies flowers as the next day is Valentine day, while he holds 2 bunch of flowers and calling my sister-in-law’s name too.
I accepted the flowers and saw the sender name was Joseph. Oh! Not from the restaurant?
It was from my hubby…. It’s a valentine gift! Ow… so sweet. Thank you darling. Hug and kiss for my hubby.
The other bunch was for my sister-in-law, Connie. It’s from her husband, Jonathan.
I was thinking how these men ordered the flowers. Yet, Sister Connie told me that Joseph asked her help to order flower for me. And the flower from her husband was ordered by him 2 weeks before and asked to be sent to the restaurant too. What so unique was each of them ordered to the same florist at different time. They are a sweet couple.

I could say that this valentine was the most memorable one. Not because I got the flower from my hubby, though I could say so, because usually we just went out for V dinner, but this year after 4years being married I got V flowers. Of course I don’t expect to be given flower every time. It is just a symbol to show our love, but the most important is we show our love, care and attention to our family every day. I could say it’s the most memorable valentine, because we celebrate 2big occasions (valentine and CNY) together with more families. Beside Fidel, soon we’ll have extra one more blessing in our family. And I always thank God for my very best partner in my life. Together forever ‘till death do us apart.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Must Wean Him (Day 2)

This morning I was very excited to give Fidel try new formula milk.

“Fidel…. Mommy croot croot croot nen-nen to this cup for you to drink, OK?”
I made the squeezing sound and acted as if I squeeze the breast milk out to his cup. After repeat 2-3times to ensure him, he nodded his head and smile…

Yes! He understand what I’m saying. I made 3oz and passed it to him.

“Nen-nen…. Yeah! It’s very nice!”

He took it and had a sip. He continues sip and sip, within 2 minutes he finished the milk.

“Mo mo...” Fidel tried to say ‘no more’. He whined to have more milk.
“More? More nen-nen? Really?” I asked him few times and he nodded his head again and again.

Wow! Is it so delicious? He wants more! I was so excited and made another 3oz. He drank it but not finish.

Oh, it’s OK. At least my son had drink 4-5oz this morning. Success! Success!

Come to afternoon nap, I can see that he’s tired. I just prayed that we would have a smooth sleeping process.
“Come here Fidel, sleep next to mommy, but no nen-nen” I covered my whole body with blanket. And he started to whine, try to take the blanket away, and he cried. I tried to persuade him, but he didn’t want to bother me. After 20minutes crying, I pulled him and place him on my tummy facing me. He stopped crying and slept on me. After fall asleep, I put him down on the bed, he cried again. OK… OK… then I let him sleep on me for the whole afternoon nap, about one hour. Thank you Lord, he sleeps without breastmilk.

At night, before we go to sleep, I asked Fidel to pray together and he did do his hands like praying, “… Lord, we pray that Fidel can sleep well without nen-nen. … …”

After switch off the light, Fidel did trying to find his nen-nen and whined. I said to him, “I’ve told you that I have no nen-nen anymore. Dry…(don’t know whether he understands the word ‘dry’), no more… finish. Just now you drank nen-nen in the bottle. You must sleep now.”

Amazing! Thank you Lord Jesus. You really listen to our prayers. He just came up to my tummy and slept there hugging me. I place him down on the bed after few minutes.

Prayer is so powerful! Just need two days to wean him. God, you are so good to us!

I Must Wean Him (Day 1)

Yesterday, 11 February 2010, Joseph accompanied me to a clinic, to see the obstetricians. I brought Fidel along too.

“Can you see the heart beat, Liana….”
“Yes…” I smiled when I saw the tiny creature keep blinking at the computer screen in front of me. As if it was trying to say that she is there.
“It’s still very young. It’s only 6weeks and 2days. Mmm… You are not so lucky, Liana…”
“It’s not a twin…”

At the above are few of the conversation between the doctor and us.
Yes, you are right! I’m pregnant the second child.
Is it too soon? I guess everyone will say so. But we did plan for it. We want to give Fidel a companion without any big gaps. Fidel will be 25month-old when his coming sibling born.

Since I knew that I’m pregnant from the pregnancy test that I bought last week, I started to browse and search in the internet about “breastfeeding during pregnancy”. I found few articles and they say not necessarily have to wean the baby or toddler. So, I confidently continue breastfeed Fidel.

I asked Dr whether I can continue breastfeed Fidel as he doesn’t drink formula milk. Dr said better wean him slowly. The reason he asked me to stop is because breastfeeding can cause the contraction at the uterus. If it contracts, there is possibility I might lost the fetus.

“Ow Fidel… no more nen-nen(milk) for you” Joseph said to him

We decided to wean him immediately as we don’t want to take any risk. We know it looks impossible to wean him suddenly. So far, he doesn’t drink any formula milk (FM). I bought FM but he refuse to drink, so I just put 1small scoop in his cereal every morning.

After back home that afternoon, Fidel was sleepy. Usually I will just offer him breast milk, and he will just fall asleep after latch for 10-15minutes. Very sorry for Fidel, that afternoon I’ve decided not to give him anymore. He cried and cried. Stop for a while and continue crying again, stop and cry again till one hour. After an hour, he stopped crying and went off from his bed, took his toys and points his finger to the door. He wants to go out from the room “HUH?? Don’t you feel sleepy?” I was stunned, yet let him go out.

We went to Tesco that evening to buy FM for him. A sales promoter introduced me Enfagrow, instead of Enfapro – the one he refuse to drink. I bought Vanilla flavor. We just shopped for awhile and Fidel fall asleep in his stroller. He was already very very tired, after cried an hour in the afternoon, and didn’t take his nap.
We reached home and I put him in his bed, and he didn’t awake. Oh… Thank God that I don’t need to struggle with him.

Good night my Fidel… and good night to my little one too…
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