Wednesday, October 19, 2011


One day, I told my eldest son,"Fidel, Aunty SF got baby in her tummy"
Few days had passed. One night before sleep, Joseph and Fidel pray together like usual.
He likes to pray with Echo Prayers - Joseph pray a short phrase and Fidel will repeat. Recently he does not just repeat, but finish the sentence or say whatever he wants to say.

Daddy: Our Father in Heaven...
Fidel: Our Father in Heaven. Give thanks to you
Daddy: You give Habel a healthy body
Fidel: You give Habel a healthy body
Daddy: Pray for mommy...
Fidel: Pray for mommy...
Daddy: Take care of mommy, and let her strong and always healthy
Fidel: ... let her strong... and let mommy's tummy got baby
Daddy & Mommy: Huh??

I was breastfeeding Habel and turn my head to Joseph. We surprised of what he was saying. Scared me....

Friday, December 31, 2010

Named His Family

"Ana" This is how Joseph calls me every time.
One day I heard a little, cute and innocent voice call my name. "Ana..." Fidel called me! Children learn things very fast, especially at this early age.
When Fidel is with his daddy, Fidel likes to tease and keep calling my name, "Ana..., Ana..., Ana...."
OK... this is how he knows my name.

I teach him his daddy's name. He said "Yofes..." He still can not call his daddy's name clearly. Many times he forgets the name. Daddy's name quite hard to pronounce and remember.

Just one month before I deliver my second son, we finally decide his name. We told Fidel his brother name. I pointed my tummy and said, "弟弟的名字是(Brother's name is) Habel".

Surprisingly when I asked again what his brother's name, he can mention it clearly. At that moment he couldn't even mention his own name clearly yet.

After trained him few times about our name. Joseph had this conversation with him:
Joseph : "弟弟叫什么名(what is your brother's name)?"
Fidel : "Habel Lim"
Joseph : "你叫什么名(what is your name)?"
Fidel : "Fidel Lim"
Joseph : "妈妈呢(how about mother)?"
Fidel : "Ana..."
Joseph : "Daddy 叫什么名(what is daddy's name)?"
Fidel : "Papa Lim!"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Langsat and Jelly

I still remember Fidel's first word when he learned to communicate with us, which giggled us was "Up". He used the wrong word instead of "Down". I think he was about 20month-old that time.
Joseph and Fidel were playing together in the room. He wanted to ask his dad to come down from the bed. He pointed his finger and moved toward down and say, "Daddy up, daddy up".

Few months ago was Langsat/Duku (fruit) season. Joseph and Fidel like it so much. They ate together and Joseph always reminds him, "Be careful, got seed inside". After eat the flesh, he will spit the seed out.

Last Sunday at church, teacher gave him a small pack of jelly with nata de coco inside. First bite, he loves it. Then I helped press the whole jelly into his mouth. Soon he spit the whole jelly out.
I asked him, "Why?"
He frowned and said, "Got seed".

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"I miss you, Mom"

I felt happy that my mom could come to Penang one day before I delivered. She stayed here to visit and help me during my confinement period.

She did a lot of chores for me as we know that during confinement time I should avoid touch the water and rest as much as I can. So everything about water my mom would handle it, including bath Fidel and the baby.

I’m so grateful that she can take care of Fidel too, cooks meal and entertain him as well. Joseph and I thank her so much. We couldn’t imagine if my mom didn’t come and help me. Maybe our house would be like a broken ship.

Time flies, today already reach three weeks. My mom will fly back to Jakarta. Pity my dad too. He must feel lonely when mom is not around.

“Mom, thank you so much for your help. Although you stay for three weeks, but it means so much for us. We're gonna miss you.”

One day before delivered with mom and sister
Trying the baby carrier on Fidel
Habel enjoy his bath"I'm gonna miss you, pho pho""Say cheeze...""See you again, pho pho"

Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Second Baby, Habel Lim

Finally on 01 October 2010, at 1:19pm, our second baby was born through C-sect birth.
We named him Habel (Indonesian version of Abel). In Mandarin is 林实信。
Our wish is he growing up to be like Abel, offering God his best gifts and even his own life, out of his genuine faith.
Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes to us.

"Welcome Habel Lim Shi Xin"

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stubborn Baby

I know that it's been very very long time I didn't update my blog. I think it because of my pregnancy. Since I'm pregnant, I don't feel to write though many stories to tell. I have no strength to wake up anymore after accompany Fidel sleeps at night (usually I do update my blog at night).

At this moment I decided to force myself to write something on my blog before I go for deliver tomorrow. Actually our second baby due date was 27 Sept 2010, but it overdue again like the first one.

Yesterday, 28 Sept 2010 I went for check up and still not dilated. Don't you think he is a stubborn baby?? Hahaha... Or he feels too cozy inside "his little world". After discussed with doctor, we decided to have C-Sect delivery on 1 Oct 2010.

Hope I will be able to update my blog again after deliver.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Second Baby is ....

Wanted to update to all my friends on 22 April 2010, but most of the time(night) I had already no mood to post and no strength to sit in front the computer. It made me late 3weeks to post this.
Thurs,22 April 2010

Today is the day that I’ve been waiting for. We’ll go to see our baby… We’re so excited as we would know the gender of the baby by 7pm. My pregnancy is 16weeks now.
It was a busy day again for me. Morning had a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). At noon wanted to have lunch with my friend-Chiali, but last minute I need to cancel it because I had my dad’s order of business. I reached home with Fidel sleeping in a car. Fidel always fall asleep in the car after BSF-doing some activity from children programme (Quite time, pray, Bible storytelling, singing hymn, have some snacks and play), provided by BSF.

I had my lunch while he sleeps. Thank God that I could enjoy my lunch while I’m very very hungry without being “disturb”. After did some chores, he woke up and I fed him lunch.

Three O’clock, I took Fidel to Bukit Mertajam to do dad’s business, Joseph was with me as he took half day leave—come back from dentist, he was not feeling well too.

Well… Let me cut my long….story. We reached home at 5pm. Rest for a while, and fed Fidel dinner, while Joseph still lying sick on the bed. I think he is too sick. I managed to get Chiali to accompany me.

Tadaa…! We reach the clinic. While waiting for my turn, Chiali and I were guessing what is the gender of my baby. Boy or girl is OK for me. But if ask me to choose…. I would prefer girl. I thought I can take “a breath” in the future as people say girl is more quite, not so active like a boy. I could experience new “model” of God’s creation, dress her like a doll. 

“Liana!” the nurse called my name. Oh, oh! It’s my turn now.

After “bli bli bla bla” with the Dr. I lied on the bed and Dr was ready to do the scanning.

Oh…. I’m so happy to see you again, my baby
, I spoke heart to heart to the baby as I saw him/her in the screen. I looked carefully and keep searching whether there is “a spout” coming out. Since Dr started does the scanning, telling me this is the spine, kidney, heart, brain, legs, hands, etc. until few minutes… the baby was not in a good position. He was stuck at one corner for so long. The position was very very bad. Finally, when Dr was about to “give up”, the baby finally could come out from the corner, as if he/she heard our conversation. While he/she stretch the body, Dr captured the photo. Before he captured the photo, he tried to search the gender and told me that he think it’s a male.

“Huh….??” My response was like asking the Dr to repeat again what he just said.
“I think is a son. 85% is a boy…” said the Dr.

O… ow… What immediately come to my mind was “How if the second one is active just like his brother? How to cope with them?”

However… male or female is OK for me. I just felt a bit “shocked” because few of my friends say, “It could be a girl” as they said that I look prettier since pregnant. Hahaha 

I went back home and told Joseph that it’s a boy. He said, “Good lah… so we have chance to have the third one.”
“What…?? How if the third one is boy again or TWIN BOYS??”

Anyhow… whatever the gender is…, “We welcome you, babe”. We believe God has His beautiful plan in each creation.
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