Saturday, December 19, 2009

About Me

Ah ha! You want to know more about me?

If you are interested, please click here. It’s about me from my husband sight. He quietly rewards me on his blog.

Long… long time ago, when we were just a friend, Joseph showed me bible verses from Proverbs 31:10-31. He told me that I should learn to become a woman like what is written there.

I know that those verses are not easy to be practiced and applied. I need Lord to strengthen and mould me to be a good wife, mother and woman. Until now, I still can fail sometimes, but thank God that I have a wonderful husband to support me physically and spiritually.

“Thanks darling for the Award 2009. I still need to learn more…”

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jakarta Boy

Joseph always calls Fidel, “Jakarta Boy” every time Fidel goes to Jakarta. Actually we’ve been here for almost 3weeks. J accompanied us here for 4-5days and he went back for work. Our last trip to Jakarta was ten months ago, F was only 4.5month-old. Now he is 14months.

At first we quite worry as the journey takes 2hours20minutes and as we know F can’t sit still too long, he likes to be free, crawl and play. We manage to make F sleeps on the plane. What I need to do is wake him up earlier and keep him active for 2-2.5hours. Finally, just before boarding, F fell asleep. Yeah! We made it.

He slept for 1hour. When he woke up, he wondered where he was. He hurried walked to the window and looked out, and he said,”Oh…oh….” I guessed he was amazed to see the cloud and the blue sky. We still have about 1hour in the plane. We just let him sit, stand, play and had his lunch too. The seats were not full, Fidel paid RM30 for Penang-Jakarta flight and he had his own seat.

We reached Jakarta about 12noon. Yeah! “Here we are again!” My sister-Belley and my grandma were waiting for us. Because we tired and the weather was about to rain, so I prefer to home and had lunch at lunch as my mom had prepared food for us.
We reached home and Fidel starts his inspection. He crawled to every corner in the house. Our house in Jakarta is not childproof. I was very busy in following Fidel and say ”No-no” all the time.

Jakarta Boy is in action!
Hope you enjoy your holiday here, Fidel.
Fidel's 2nd trip to Jakarta (14months)
With Pho-pho in the zoo??

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"He is humming"

Started few months ago, I let Fidel listens songs at home or in the car. I noticed that he starts singing, more to humming when he watches the children video program (“I Can Speak Mandarin") – they play, learn, read rhymes, and sing songs together. He enjoy the story so much and sometimes he laughs and claps hands when he hears the rhymes.

One day I was in the kitchen while he was watching the video, and I heard him humming to the songs though his tune was not right yet. He surprised me.

“Fidel, you are singing…. “ He looked at me and gave a smile and continue watching.

While three of us went out to church, hymn songs were played in the car, he enjoy the music and humming again.

“Listen, he is humming” I told my hubby. He looked at Fidel and smiled.

If he likes the music, he’ll move his body. You will see him shake his tummy up and down. And claps his hands when the music stop.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Re-train Fidel

Three weeks ago when Fidel was sick and didn’t want to eat for 4-5days, we decided to let him latch on me while he sleeps at night. Every time he woke up, I’ll offer him. Until he recovered, it became a habit. He wakes up quite many times in the middle of the night and will get back to sleep only when he gets the milk. When he wakes up, I would pretend sleeping and won’t bother him. Guess what he did… He did “self service” by pull-up my shirt and act like the milk is belong to him, and he would suck till sleep.

I told Joseph that we can’t let him go back to his bad habit—wakes up many times and need to latch-on only get back to sleep. So, we decided to let him sleep with Joseph.

Then the training starts….

Fidel woke up at night and knew that the person slept next to him was not me, he cried. He cried for about 40minutes and fell asleep.

In the morning 05.30, I heard from the other room (when its training period, I sleep at other room) that he cried. I did send SMS to Joseph ask whether need me to go to the room. He said wait till 6 O’clock only give him milk. After cried, he gets back to sleep again.

When breakfast time, Joseph told me what happened at 5.30 - Fidel cried. Fidel woke up and pull-up Joseph’s shirt. He couldn’t find the breast, so he tried to touch and it was FLAT! (Hahahaha….) Suddenly Fidel cried so loud, because he knows there was no milk for him.

After few days sleeps with daddy, few times wakes up at night, he cries for few minutes. Slowly he knows that no more milk at night.

We are very happy that he doesn’t wake up anymore at night. If he wakes up, we don’t bother him, he will make noise (complaining) but he will go back to sleep again.

Finally, after one week, all of us can sleep through the night.

Monday, October 26, 2009

House On Fire!

Last Sunday, 25thOctober2009, two days ago, there was a fire at our 5th floor apartment.

That day almost 1 o’clock in the morning, I was in the toilet, I heard a man shouting in Hockian dialect and I don’t really understand what that man shouted about. I thought people get drunk, quarreled and fought, which sometimes happen at our apartment. I heard a breaking glass sound too. I thought it must be a serious fighting!

I went out from the toilet and smelled something was burning, and the living room was smoky. I guessed I know what that man was shouting about. I ran to the room and woke Joseph up, asked him to go out and check whether it was fire out there. Then he went out to check.

While waiting for him, the burning smell was getting stronger. Close my room where Fidel was sleeping there so that the smoke won’t go in to the room. I went out from the house and looked downstairs, the smoke was too thick, and I couldn’t see anything.

I ran back to the house and made a call to a fire department but somebody has made a call earlier than me. I became panic and keep thinking what I should take. Important documents, birth certificates, laptops? I grabbed a bag and put few important folders in.

Joseph came back and asked us to go out from our apartment.

I asked him, “Need to bring these (pointing the bag which I packed)? Laptop? Anything?”

“No, no… Just go down. I didn’t see the fire, only a thick smoke. It won’t burn the whole apartment. We need to go down, because it’s not good to smell the smoke.”

I took a face towel and made it wet to cover Fidel’s face. Joseph carried Fidel and covered his face. Thought that it’s not so serious, we got down using the lift which actually we were not supposed to use the lift when got fire. Anyhow many people were inside the lift so we just follow. We saved energy instead of walk 12 floors down (because we leave at 12th floor).

When we reached ground floor, there were so many people with their pajamas, a very old woman sat on the floor while her daughter keep patting her shoulder, I guess this woman was shocked.

Joseph passed Fidel to me, he slept on my shoulder without bother anything.

There was 1 old couple injured. Their unit at 5th floor was fired. They couldn’t go out from the door while the smoke is too thick, they couldn’t breathe. The husband broke the room window, get out from the window and climb to the next neighbor balcony. The husband injured his hands and his wife was rescued and ran her to the hospital by the ambulance as she breathed too much smoke.

After waiting an hour at the ground floor and the fire brigade had checked that it’s safe, then we can get back to our apartment again. It’s almost 2a.m. Our house still got the burning smell. We opened all the windows and doors let the fresh air come in. Put Fidel on his bed, he didn’t wake up at all. How lucky he was…. Sleep with no worry, and know nothing.

I felt hungry… maybe because carried 8kg Fidel and stood for an hour. I cooked instant noodle for us. I thought we were ready to have a good rest until I went to wash my feet, I found that my feet were so black! Just remember that our house was full of smoke and it sticks to the floor. Oh no… Need to mop the floor before sleep? Sigh…

Finally we can go to our bed on 3a.m. after cleaning the house.

“Bed, here I come”

“What.... 6.30?? So fast!” I felt my head just touched the pillow, and now need to wake up, prepare breakfast, feed Fidel, cook his porridge and prepare to go to church as I’m the pianist for this Sunday service.

Thank God that I still can concentrate in playing the piano.

After church, we went for lunch and I went home. Must! My eyes can’t open anymore. Unfortunately, Joseph needs to stay back for a meeting at church.

“Bed, here I come again”

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fidel is Fully Recovered

Finally after 10days struggling with cough and cold, Fidel is fully recovered now. First 5 days when he was sick, I need to struggle with him many times in a day just to feed him the medicine. Hold him tight and use syringe pump the medicine into his mouth and he will cry very loud. One more thing that he didn't like to do was breath-in the gas/ventolin exohaler using a tool, called aero chamber. This one, I need to tight his whole body with a cloth/blanket. While breath-in, he struggled, screamed and cried. Sounds sadistic huh? No choice... For his own good. He cried loudly, I cried in my heart too.

We try to keep him familiar with the thing and the medicine by letting him play with those things and keep reminding him that it won't hurt him, and the medicine is sweet. Slowly he let us put the aero chamber and he behave very well. We almost couldn't believe how good Fidel is while taking the medicine. No struggle, no cry. Thank God, thank God! He answers our prayers.
One day when he woke up from his nap, I peeped from outside the room. He took the aero chamber and put on his face, pretended using it. I grab my camera and go in to the room, have few shots of him, and he ask me to do it for him. Oh dear... He is such a good boy.
"I think everything is ready here"
"Is it correct to insert this way?"
"Put the mask on your face like this, OK?"
"How come still can not go in?"
Thank you Lord for answering our prayers and healing my baby.
Thank you brothers and sisters for all your prayers and concerns to my little one.
May God bless everyone of us.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fidel is Having Cough Again

Fidel(13months) has a serious cough and flu again last Wednesday(5days ago) and fever for three days. It has been 6months since he got the last serious cough. He didn’t want to eat any solid food. We tried to pursuit him, did some “trick”, and end up only 1-2scoops went into his mouth. He doesn’t like formula milk and hardly drink water. It makes us worry.
4days before sick
Sick Face (Day 5)
Thank God that He still provides breastmilk for him until now. So, I just let him latch on me the whole night. The next day he still had no appetite. Whole day eats only 4-5scoops for five days and he lost 0.5kg. Within 5days he lost 5months weight that he had gained.

Normally he will come to us when we eat something. Just call his name and show him the food, he will come. But this time, he will just walk away and close his mouth tightly. Offer him his favorite biscuit, usually eat one piece within a minute, this time takes 20minutes and not even finish one piece. Sigh…

We pray and pray that God will heal him and the most important is he wants to eat. We try not to worry so much as we keep praying.

God slowly answer our prayer, although he didn’t want to eat, he still want to drink water. And this evening in front of him I pretended eating my food which was actually his porridge, he looked at me and moves his lips, and he said,”Mam… mam-mam…” Oh dear… Thank you Lord! God answer the prayers. He opens his mouth and eats. If I scoop the food too slow, he couldn’t wait and shouts, “Maaaaam….”

“OK, OK baby….”Look like his appetite is back. One bowl of rice he finished this evening.

Till now, he still has cough and runny nose. Beside few medicines that he takes, we do nebulizer to him too. Hope he will recover soon.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Watching His Favorite Program

Every time I play this program (Fun Song Factory) for him, he feels happy and excited. He claps his hands and makes a little dance by moving his belly up and down. That time he was 11month-old.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chickenpox At Our Church

Two weeks ago, seven person from the church I attend were attacked by Varicella Zoster – chickenpox virus. It attacked all kind of age, from toddlers till the old one.

Chickenpox is contagious, meaning that someone who has it can easily spread it to someone else. Someone who has chickenpox is most contagious after 2-3weeks since he or she got it, when the scabs are about to fall off.

A person who has chickenpox can pass it to someone else by coughing or sneezing. When he or she coughs, sneezes, laughs, and even talks, tiny drops come out of the mouth and nose. These drops are full of the chickenpox virus.Before you know it, the chickenpox virus has infected someone new.
The good news is that chickenpox is a common illness for kids and most people get better by just resting like you do with a cold or the flu. And the really good news is that, thanks to the chickenpox vaccine, lots of kids don't get chickenpox at all.

Usually the vaccine is given at age 1. But you can get it when you're older too. Kids, who do get it, if they got the shot, often get less severe cases, which means they get better quicker.

Fidel just had the CP vaccine last Wednesday as he is one year-old now and going to face CP virus at anytime and anyplace.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fidel's First Birthday

First of all, we want to give thanks our precious Lord Jesus for his guidance, protection and wisdom that we could have strength to raise Fidel. Time flies… From his first day arrived in this world, only know how to cry, drink milk and sleep until his first year, he learns a lot of things. Those are blessings to us. He brings laughter and joy to our family.

Last Saturday, we had a cell group gathering to celebrate Fidel and Marion birthday, as their date are the same, but they different nine years.
On Sunday, Joseph’s elder sister made a simple party for Fidel and invited families and relatives. I would like to say many many thanks to all of them for all their love, time, and presents. Thanks to other friends for their wishes and presents too.

Here are the photos which were taken by my camera. I’ll upload more photos at the next post. So, stay tune…
Fidel stunned when we sang birthday song to him
Marion with her barbie cake
Marion with sister Nicole and Mom
"Daddy, let me touch the cake""The cake cream is so yummy"The happiest moment: Unwrap the presents!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fail and Fail Again

I don’t know what make me crazy of baking cakes recently. One of the aunties from my church, willing to lend her oven to me as she seldom use it, in fact she used it once only. I’m like having a new oven.

I start to buy and collect the cakes ingredients. First time I used it to roast chicken as my cake ingredients have not completed yet. After few days later, here I come to do some “experiments”.

All the cake recipes I search from internet. The first cake I tried to make was basic cup cakes. The result was failed. It looks nice when baked time, but slowly it become darker, I think the temperature was too high and it shrinks badly after took it out from the oven. The second cake was brownies, I tried to make is 4times lesser than the original recipe. When the cake was baked, suddenly I shocked that I forgot one of the ingredients still in its original weight. Instead of 1/4tsp of baking powder, I put 1tsp, sigh… How careless I am. What happened next was after the cake getting cold, the centre went down very deeply. Hahaha…
The hardest cup cakes in my life
My mother and sister are good in making pastries, but I never want to try before. For me it’s not easy and need to be very detail in measuring the ingredients. That’s why I failed two times.

Anyhow I’m not surrender yet. I am sure I will success one day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Interesting Singaporean Movie-The Little Nyonya

It has been one month I didn’t update my blog. I was busy with a lot of things, the kindergarten concert preparation, doing some accounting and especially this one – watch series movie from youtube.

I was addicted with this movie. I just couldn’t stop watching it before I know the whole story. You must wonder what movie that I watched. The title is “The Little Nyonya”, Singaporean Movie. They took a Malaysian Chinese culture, which is called Peranakan and make it into an interesting movie.

After watch this movie, I understand and appreciate the history behind the culture. After two weeks watched the movie, finally I can have a good sleep and ready to update my blog again. If you are interested with this movie, just click the video below this post. But don’t blame me if you have no enough sleep. *grin*….

Monday, August 17, 2009

He Won Again!

Two months ago (June 2009) I sent Fidel’s 7.5months photo to Parenthood Magazine to join the best smile photo competition from Mei Mei Babycare. I chose a photo which was taken after his bath (Mei 2009) when he laughed.

Last week I went to a magazine shop in Jusco, just to check what Parenthood Magazine contains about for August edition. Accidentally I saw Fidel’s photo. I was surprised, he won 3rd prize! Usually they will notify us through email; the notification came late this time. I didn’t expect that he will win, in fact I had forgotten about it.
Parenthood Magazine, August 2009
Fidel was 7.5months
Still don’t know what the gift is. I will post them in my blog when I receive the gift. So excited!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fidel's First Shoes

Last month we had a special guest visit from Jakarta. Her name is Fenny, one of my church friends in Jakarta. Before that she was in Singapore, and planned to come to Penang just to visit our beloved son. We were much honored.

She brought a lot of gifts for Fidel. Shoes were one of the gifts. This is Fidel’s first shoes! I put on the shoes to him quickly. At first Fidel cried and refused to wear. He felt threatened with the new thing on his feet. Suddenly he couldn’t stand with the shoes on him. Hahaha…

The next day, we tried again, and this time the shoes became his “friend”. He didn’t refuse and could stand with it.

I had a great time while Fenny was here; we spent most of the night to chit-chat, share about mother experience. I learned a lot from her; a good, wise and proud mother of pretty twin daughters and a talented son. Few dishes I learned from her while she cooked at our house. “Thanks for the great breakfast!”

Fidel was happy too, got aunty who likes to play, sing songs, and carry him while he bored.

“Thanks again for the visit, we look forward to visit you and family too”
Fidel with his new shoes

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Words

Two weeks ago we were visited by four friends from Jakarta. They are Devi, Christina, Renna and Cecilia; very talented young musicians. They did a classical concert here in Penang. Many people loved their performance.

They stayed in our tiny apartment and we (Joseph, Fidel and I) had a great time with the joy and happiness that they brought. Fidel was very happy, because got many “Jie Jie”(sister) played with him.
I told Fidel many times that they are “jie jie” when they played together. One day in the car, he looked to the back where they sat and he said “ceh... ceh…” Everybody was shocked to hear Fidel call “ceh-ceh” instead of “jie jie”. His ability to vocalize is improving.

Second word that he learned recently was when he plays with my handphone and the light of the handphone was automatically off, I said “No more light…, no more…” and Fidel imitated me by saying, “mo-mo…mo-mo”. I was shocked again, he learn something very fast. He is 10.5months now.
Few moments that Fidel will say “mo-mo” and turn his wrist, when:
1. Each part of Fun Song Factory-children song program that he watches finish.
2. I switch off the laptop.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Evening Classical Music Concert

Dear all friends in Penang,

I would like to invite you to a vocal and piano concert this Saturday, 1st August 2009, presented by four young musicians from Indonesia.

Date : 1 August 2009
Venue : Burmah Road Gospel Hall 164,
Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang
Time : 8.00pm – 10.00pm

On Sunday, 2 August 2009, there will be vocal and piano workshop for youth. For more detail you can contact:

Ms Tan : 016-4492717
Mr William Tan : 016-4147892
Ms Liana : 016-4847639

Today, I accompanied them to have a rehearsal in the church. I was thrilled by their performance. They play piano beautifully and their voices are great too.

I hope that you can come and enjoy the Evening Classical Music Concert this coming Saturday.
Too good to miss!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fidel Misses Daddy

Joseph has not been around for 5days. Time flies… Tomorrow night he is coming back. Wow!

At first when I know that he would go to Japan for business trip, I asked him to stay at other place for 2days after he come back from Japan. Afraid he would bring the H1N1 virus home. But after few days he’s been away from home, Fidel and I miss him very much.

These few days, when I asked Fidel where daddy is, he would turn his head to the door. One more things that really tickled me and at the same time show how much Fidel miss daddy was when I show him Joseph’s photo, I asked him, “Do you miss daddy? Let me show you his photo. Sayang(love) daddy…. How to sayang?” and he did kiss the photo. When I said again, “Sayang, sayang…” he slowly stick his one side of his cheek to the photo.

I left the photo album with him, and I went off to the toilet. And again I saw the sweet sight, he draw his cheek close to the photo. Oh dear… this little baby really miss his daddy.

How could I don’t let them meet each other soon?
Come back soon dear, don’t bother about the virus.
Pray that God will protect and keep our family healthy.

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Bye bye Fidel"

Joseph is going for business trip to Tokyo again. Last year I was 7months pregnant when he left me for the Tokyo trip. Now Fidel is 9 months 3weeks.

Just now sent Joseph to airport, we didn’t go down, just dropped him there because it was heavy rain.

Before he went off he kissed Fidel, and he said “bye bye” to him, and suddenly Fidel felt sad, and started crying when the car door was closed and he walked away. I horn Joseph and he opened the door again to sooth and assure him that daddy won’t go too long, and then he closed the door. Again Fidel cried louder and whimpered. But I managed to calm him down by offer him a new toy. Luckily I bought this “magic” thing.

Just few weeks back, Fidel feels happy or has no feeling while mommy or daddy go out from the house. But now, this little baby finally could understand and feel the feeling of separation. He cried when daddy say “bye bye”. It means they have a very good father-baby bonding. I could see that Joseph is a favorite daddy and a hero to Fidel.

Tonight, Fidel sleeps with me. Hope he won’t wake up and ask for milk.

“Good night dear, good night daddy”

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Try Not To Say "NO"

Recently, Fidel can’t stay long in the playpen, rocking chair or baby cot. He will screaming or make the crying sound till we feel pity of him, and decide to take him out and play with him. He will just smile at me and crawl away as we put him on the floor. Then… his adventure is begun.

He crawls to all over places in the house. His favorite place is under the dining table. When we eat, Fidel crawls around the house and he will stop under the table. We must be aware before we move our legs or else he will get kick.

Fidel is a very curious baby. Everything in the box, plastic bag, he opens up and takes all out and leaves it. I always say “No”, “No”, and “No” when he touches something that he shouldn’t touch. Sometimes because afraid of dirty and dust, I do not let him touch. He touches this and that, I will say “No!” for so many times.

Fidel starts exploring his world now and I think I shouldn’t say “NO” every time for just a small matter. End up, I will just watch him when he plays, make sure he doesn’t put them in his mouth.
"Ah ha... I found this in the kitchen"
"Dad, sweet potato for you!"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fidel Won Prizes

Three months ago (March 2009), I participate in a few photo contest from Parenthood Magazine by sending Fidel photo. He won it, and was published in May 2009 magazine. It was “holiday outdoor” photo contest which sponsored by Fiffy products. He is one of the 6winners.
Singapore, 13Feb2009 (5months)See how happy he was when received the prizes.
In June 2009, again he won a baby photo contest which sponsored by Pureen. This time he won the first prize. We were very surprised! Yay…! He got a RM300 Pureen Hamper. Thank you to Brother Vincent Leow, who managed to get the hamper in Kuala Lumpur, and Brother Moh Herng and Sister Phaik Sim, who brought it to Penang, and Sister Hock Kian, who delivered it to our house.
29 March 2009 (6months)
Again Fidel is happy to receive the hamper, but for sure his parent is happier, cause can save some few months Fidel cost of baby products. Finally, we would like to thank Parenthood Magazine.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fidel First Stand

Like usual, I put Fidel in the baby cot every time I want to take a bath. He will just play and talk inside there. Recently he tries to get up and stand with his knees while two hands pulling his body up. He is 9months 1week now.

“Fidel, you can stand!” Shouted me when I suddenly saw him standing inside the baby cot. I wanted to snap a picture but after few seconds he sat back again.

Again in the afternoon, when I played with him on the bed, he will just crawled to his baby coat, touch it, pat it, and he starts to climb again. This time my camera is ready to take a few shots so that I can prove it to my hubby.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m grateful that God is so kind to me, I could experience my first time birthday with Fidel and my hubby.
The sad thing is my age will not start with ‘2’ anymore. Hahaha…. Time flies

I would like to thank anyone who remembers my birthday. Thanks for your sms, birthday wishes, prayers, and blessings.

Thanks to Luke cell group for the cake and a present from few sisters. I love it.
Blow Candle Together with En Xuan, who birthday on 30 June

My Small Birthday Present

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Joseph First Father's Day

"Happy Father's Day" to all daddies in the world!

Last month was my first Mother’s Day and today is Joseph first Father’s Day. Time flies that he can celebrate Father’s Day with 9months Fidel.

Joseph enjoys his fatherhood very much as Fidel is a very good and calm baby. Though he is getting more active and active but we still can cope with him. We trust that our Lord Jesus grants us wisdom, patient and love so that we know how to take care of our son.

Just now we and Wong’s Family had dinner at “Ko Fu Loft”, a quite new restaurant at Gurney Plaza. On this Father’s Day, they give us a free shoot of family photo. Not bad….

Instead of having a free shoot photo, we took another two photos, which charged us RM5.00 per photo. Here are the photos….

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