Thursday, November 5, 2009

"He is humming"

Started few months ago, I let Fidel listens songs at home or in the car. I noticed that he starts singing, more to humming when he watches the children video program (“I Can Speak Mandarin") – they play, learn, read rhymes, and sing songs together. He enjoy the story so much and sometimes he laughs and claps hands when he hears the rhymes.

One day I was in the kitchen while he was watching the video, and I heard him humming to the songs though his tune was not right yet. He surprised me.

“Fidel, you are singing…. “ He looked at me and gave a smile and continue watching.

While three of us went out to church, hymn songs were played in the car, he enjoy the music and humming again.

“Listen, he is humming” I told my hubby. He looked at Fidel and smiled.

If he likes the music, he’ll move his body. You will see him shake his tummy up and down. And claps his hands when the music stop.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Re-train Fidel

Three weeks ago when Fidel was sick and didn’t want to eat for 4-5days, we decided to let him latch on me while he sleeps at night. Every time he woke up, I’ll offer him. Until he recovered, it became a habit. He wakes up quite many times in the middle of the night and will get back to sleep only when he gets the milk. When he wakes up, I would pretend sleeping and won’t bother him. Guess what he did… He did “self service” by pull-up my shirt and act like the milk is belong to him, and he would suck till sleep.

I told Joseph that we can’t let him go back to his bad habit—wakes up many times and need to latch-on only get back to sleep. So, we decided to let him sleep with Joseph.

Then the training starts….

Fidel woke up at night and knew that the person slept next to him was not me, he cried. He cried for about 40minutes and fell asleep.

In the morning 05.30, I heard from the other room (when its training period, I sleep at other room) that he cried. I did send SMS to Joseph ask whether need me to go to the room. He said wait till 6 O’clock only give him milk. After cried, he gets back to sleep again.

When breakfast time, Joseph told me what happened at 5.30 - Fidel cried. Fidel woke up and pull-up Joseph’s shirt. He couldn’t find the breast, so he tried to touch and it was FLAT! (Hahahaha….) Suddenly Fidel cried so loud, because he knows there was no milk for him.

After few days sleeps with daddy, few times wakes up at night, he cries for few minutes. Slowly he knows that no more milk at night.

We are very happy that he doesn’t wake up anymore at night. If he wakes up, we don’t bother him, he will make noise (complaining) but he will go back to sleep again.

Finally, after one week, all of us can sleep through the night.

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