Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fidel's First Flight

First of all, I would like to wish all of you “Happy Chinese New Year”. Yesterday we celebrated first day of CNY. In the morning we had a special meeting at church and met many friends from outstation back for this special day. We visited few relatives too.
Church Friends
With My Sister
Fidel is 18weekold
In the evening, Fidel, my sister, and I took flight to Jakarta. It was Fidel’s first time take flight. Long time before this journey, I worried of Fidel, do not know whether he can stand of two and a half hours journey plus the air pressure along the journey.

There is a tip from Fidel’s doctor. She encourage during take offs and landing to give a bottle or pacifier to the baby to help alleviate the air pressure.

Thank God it works! Oh… I’m so happy. When take off, I let him drink the milk. When he gets bored I face him to the back, see the environment and the people there, this is Fidel’s hobby. After he tired, let him drinks the milk again and he falls asleep. He didn’t wake up till the next morning. I guess he was very tired of CNY day.
"Good morning, Fidel"
You passed your first flight, Fidel! Well done.

Monday, January 19, 2009

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Fidel Sleeps Better On The Chair

Fidel has a better sleep when we place him on his chair. Since he was 7 week-old, he always gets up at 5 o’clock in the morning for milk and he couldn’t get back to sleep. He will struggle and scratch his face and ears. I brought him to living room and put him on his chair, and he won’t move anymore, he fall asleep very fast. After he falls asleep, I will leave him there, and I go back to my room to sleep again.
The most recent photo, 16week-old
We guess there are two possibilities why he sleeps better on that chair. First, because of the curve shape, he feels as if got somebody carry him. Second, maybe he can breathe better in that position.

There was one day I fell sick. I slept in the other room, Fidel slept with Joseph. The same thing happened again, Fidel kept struggling, and Joseph put his half body on our pillow, let him sleep like at the photo below. He could sleep few hours more. What a funny baby!
Thanks to little Grace, who had given this precious chair to Fidel. It mean for him, indeed.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ultimate Paintball

If you are a kind of person who likes something challenging, you should try playing paintball game. Last year few friends and I went to play this game. It was not easy, but we enjoy it. We need to spend time on practicing to shoot the target correctly.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fidel's Bathing Time

Talking about baby’s bath, what first come to my mind when I was pregnant is “Would I able to bath him smoothly?” I saw Youtube videos about bathing a baby for so many times since I was pregnant. Because I will take care the baby by myself. From the video, it looks very easy. I guess I have confidence to bath my baby.

First Fidel’s bath was done by my sister-in-law. She helped me as I did my confinement in Chinese tradition – cannot touch the water to avoid wind. Fidel cried on his half way bath time.
The second day, I couldn’t find anybody to help me in bathing the baby, so I decided to bath him by myself. What happen was he cried when I just started to wash his hair. Oh! I became nervous and after I wash his hair, I just deep his body awhile and hurry up took him out. While putting on his clothes, he still keeps crying. After finish, my whole body and face were sweating. In fact, the real and the one in the video were totally different, especially for my first experience. No photo for this, because Joseph and I were busy handling the baby.

The third day, the confinement food caterer helped me to bath the baby. She has a lot of experience. Fidel seldom cry when the aunty baths him every day. Every time she baths Fidel, I will look at her how she does it, and take some pictures.
Fidel likes this position
Fidel was 1 week-old3 week-old, Fidel is skinny, but has a big tummy
4 week-old
After full month, I started to bath Fidel by myself. What amaze me was… He didn’t cry! Wow! Thank God that Fidel is a baby who likes bath very much. So… I also very enjoy the moment I bath my baby. He will smile and stare at me in the bath tub if I sing a song.
5 week-old, I bath Fidel
6week-old, after bath8week-old
11week-old, after bath
Now, he is very active while he baths. I must wear a plastic apron, or else my whole shirt wet.
His neck is strong now, 17week-old
"Finish my bath"

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hand-Eye Coordination

When Fidel was in his 13week-old, he kept looking at his hands, moves it up and down. He is developing his hand-eye coordination. Soon he started grasp the blanket or cloth, even his bib, he kept pulling it.

Just one day before New Year (15week-old), he started looking at his leg, and trying hard to reach and hold his leg. When he bath, I put him in sitting position, and he will stare at his legs in the water, and moves his toes.

It’s lovely to see how he grows day by day.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

It has been quite some time I didn't update my blog. From middle of December until Christmas was a busy period for my husband and I. Plus having my little dear baby, it's not easy to go for blogging. I just had enough time to check my emails.

I just fed my baby 2hours ago and I tried go back to sleep. But after 1.5hour on the bed, I still couldn't sleep. I decided to check my mail and would like to wish all of you "Blessed New Year 2009".

I think I better go to sleep now, before my "alarm" rings.
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