Friday, July 31, 2009

Evening Classical Music Concert

Dear all friends in Penang,

I would like to invite you to a vocal and piano concert this Saturday, 1st August 2009, presented by four young musicians from Indonesia.

Date : 1 August 2009
Venue : Burmah Road Gospel Hall 164,
Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang
Time : 8.00pm – 10.00pm

On Sunday, 2 August 2009, there will be vocal and piano workshop for youth. For more detail you can contact:

Ms Tan : 016-4492717
Mr William Tan : 016-4147892
Ms Liana : 016-4847639

Today, I accompanied them to have a rehearsal in the church. I was thrilled by their performance. They play piano beautifully and their voices are great too.

I hope that you can come and enjoy the Evening Classical Music Concert this coming Saturday.
Too good to miss!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fidel Misses Daddy

Joseph has not been around for 5days. Time flies… Tomorrow night he is coming back. Wow!

At first when I know that he would go to Japan for business trip, I asked him to stay at other place for 2days after he come back from Japan. Afraid he would bring the H1N1 virus home. But after few days he’s been away from home, Fidel and I miss him very much.

These few days, when I asked Fidel where daddy is, he would turn his head to the door. One more things that really tickled me and at the same time show how much Fidel miss daddy was when I show him Joseph’s photo, I asked him, “Do you miss daddy? Let me show you his photo. Sayang(love) daddy…. How to sayang?” and he did kiss the photo. When I said again, “Sayang, sayang…” he slowly stick his one side of his cheek to the photo.

I left the photo album with him, and I went off to the toilet. And again I saw the sweet sight, he draw his cheek close to the photo. Oh dear… this little baby really miss his daddy.

How could I don’t let them meet each other soon?
Come back soon dear, don’t bother about the virus.
Pray that God will protect and keep our family healthy.

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Bye bye Fidel"

Joseph is going for business trip to Tokyo again. Last year I was 7months pregnant when he left me for the Tokyo trip. Now Fidel is 9 months 3weeks.

Just now sent Joseph to airport, we didn’t go down, just dropped him there because it was heavy rain.

Before he went off he kissed Fidel, and he said “bye bye” to him, and suddenly Fidel felt sad, and started crying when the car door was closed and he walked away. I horn Joseph and he opened the door again to sooth and assure him that daddy won’t go too long, and then he closed the door. Again Fidel cried louder and whimpered. But I managed to calm him down by offer him a new toy. Luckily I bought this “magic” thing.

Just few weeks back, Fidel feels happy or has no feeling while mommy or daddy go out from the house. But now, this little baby finally could understand and feel the feeling of separation. He cried when daddy say “bye bye”. It means they have a very good father-baby bonding. I could see that Joseph is a favorite daddy and a hero to Fidel.

Tonight, Fidel sleeps with me. Hope he won’t wake up and ask for milk.

“Good night dear, good night daddy”

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Try Not To Say "NO"

Recently, Fidel can’t stay long in the playpen, rocking chair or baby cot. He will screaming or make the crying sound till we feel pity of him, and decide to take him out and play with him. He will just smile at me and crawl away as we put him on the floor. Then… his adventure is begun.

He crawls to all over places in the house. His favorite place is under the dining table. When we eat, Fidel crawls around the house and he will stop under the table. We must be aware before we move our legs or else he will get kick.

Fidel is a very curious baby. Everything in the box, plastic bag, he opens up and takes all out and leaves it. I always say “No”, “No”, and “No” when he touches something that he shouldn’t touch. Sometimes because afraid of dirty and dust, I do not let him touch. He touches this and that, I will say “No!” for so many times.

Fidel starts exploring his world now and I think I shouldn’t say “NO” every time for just a small matter. End up, I will just watch him when he plays, make sure he doesn’t put them in his mouth.
"Ah ha... I found this in the kitchen"
"Dad, sweet potato for you!"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fidel Won Prizes

Three months ago (March 2009), I participate in a few photo contest from Parenthood Magazine by sending Fidel photo. He won it, and was published in May 2009 magazine. It was “holiday outdoor” photo contest which sponsored by Fiffy products. He is one of the 6winners.
Singapore, 13Feb2009 (5months)See how happy he was when received the prizes.
In June 2009, again he won a baby photo contest which sponsored by Pureen. This time he won the first prize. We were very surprised! Yay…! He got a RM300 Pureen Hamper. Thank you to Brother Vincent Leow, who managed to get the hamper in Kuala Lumpur, and Brother Moh Herng and Sister Phaik Sim, who brought it to Penang, and Sister Hock Kian, who delivered it to our house.
29 March 2009 (6months)
Again Fidel is happy to receive the hamper, but for sure his parent is happier, cause can save some few months Fidel cost of baby products. Finally, we would like to thank Parenthood Magazine.
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