Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy of Housekeeping

If everybody busy of tidying and cleaning their house because of Chinese New Year is coming, my 16months Fidel does too.

Recently he is very interested in broom and mop. I always say “No no”, but he doesn’t bother me. He takes the broom or dry mop and goes round the house – from living room, our room till kitchen. The funny thing is he does it seriously, he squads down to sweep the area under sofa or chairs. I giggle when I see him doing it, “He is copying his clean and hardworking mother in doing housekeeping”. Hahaha….

You can click here to see his housekeeping video.
Finally, he tired and sat over there with his head full of sweats (last photo).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fidels' Studio Photos

Dec 2009, I bought Mamy Poko Diapers and get one free photo shoot to join the Mamy Poko photo contest.

Without thinking of winning the contest because I’m sure out there must be a lot of children who can do better expression in front of the camera, I took Fidel one morning to the selected photo studio.

The photographer, we called him “uncle” tried to be nice to Fidel. Ask me to take Fidel around the photo studio, to get him familiar so he won’t afraid or cry later. OK… it seems like Fidel is not afraid at all. Then the photo session started.

“Hello, hello… Boy… look at here… Baby, baby…. Xiao xiao(means smile), hello….”, said uncle.

Fidel stared at the uncle. He wondered what was happening there. Gave him many toys to hold, and he said, “Mama… mama…” (try to give the things to me).

“Look at uncle, Fidel… Xiao xiao…” I said this sentence many times. Did many funny actions, gave him biscuits, but still cannot make him smile. Sigh…. The whole session made me tired. No even one photo with smiling face. No chance to win…

Uncle offered me a photo package. As Fidel was in the studio photo and captured by a pro, so why don’t we choose some of his photos. We ordered few simple calendars with his photo to give to Ah Ma-Ah Kong and Po Po-Gung Gung(both grandparents) in Jakarta too. Usually they must be happy to see their grandchild photo. It’s a good idea gift for New Year.

Here are his photos. Though without smile, he is still a cute one, isn’t he?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Last Prize in 2009

It’s a little bit late to post this. Actually I have many stories to tell, but I have no time to write. When I have time… I’m lazy to write. Hahaha…

These are the 3rd prize that Fidel won last August 2009-Laundry Cleanser Concentrate and Liquid Cleanser. Yippee… I can save more money again.Last Dec 2009, I received email from Mother and Baby Magazine, which said “Congratulation… … …”. You know the meaning, right?

Sept 2009, I was thinking to buy a different magazine—“Mami&baby” instead of “Parenthood”. Just to try my luck. Usually if we are selected as a winner, it will show up at two months later edition. Wait till Nov 2009… didn’t receive any email. So I just forget about it.

Middle of Dec 2009, I was excited to see a letter in my inbox.

That was the story how Fidel won the prize for the 4th time. Thanks to Brother Vincent for always helps us in redeeming all the gifts. Btw, Fidel was one of the Candid photo winners. The photo was taken when he was 11.5months, tasted ice cream for the first time. It’s very cold till he wrinkled his face.
Mami & Baby Dec 2009
11.5monthsand the gift...
Fidel won 4prizes in 2009; hope to get more in 2010. Hahaha….
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