Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fidel First Stand

Like usual, I put Fidel in the baby cot every time I want to take a bath. He will just play and talk inside there. Recently he tries to get up and stand with his knees while two hands pulling his body up. He is 9months 1week now.

“Fidel, you can stand!” Shouted me when I suddenly saw him standing inside the baby cot. I wanted to snap a picture but after few seconds he sat back again.

Again in the afternoon, when I played with him on the bed, he will just crawled to his baby coat, touch it, pat it, and he starts to climb again. This time my camera is ready to take a few shots so that I can prove it to my hubby.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m grateful that God is so kind to me, I could experience my first time birthday with Fidel and my hubby.
The sad thing is my age will not start with ‘2’ anymore. Hahaha…. Time flies

I would like to thank anyone who remembers my birthday. Thanks for your sms, birthday wishes, prayers, and blessings.

Thanks to Luke cell group for the cake and a present from few sisters. I love it.
Blow Candle Together with En Xuan, who birthday on 30 June

My Small Birthday Present

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Joseph First Father's Day

"Happy Father's Day" to all daddies in the world!

Last month was my first Mother’s Day and today is Joseph first Father’s Day. Time flies that he can celebrate Father’s Day with 9months Fidel.

Joseph enjoys his fatherhood very much as Fidel is a very good and calm baby. Though he is getting more active and active but we still can cope with him. We trust that our Lord Jesus grants us wisdom, patient and love so that we know how to take care of our son.

Just now we and Wong’s Family had dinner at “Ko Fu Loft”, a quite new restaurant at Gurney Plaza. On this Father’s Day, they give us a free shoot of family photo. Not bad….

Instead of having a free shoot photo, we took another two photos, which charged us RM5.00 per photo. Here are the photos….

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Must Check The Date of Expiry!

Today I bought a pack of formula milk for Fidel. Tomorrow morning we will leave our house quite early to the church, so I prepared his rice cereal into the plastic container.

I opened the box and when I took out the packing inside, suddenly my eyes gazed the date which was written there “USE BY 04/06/2009”. Oh dear! The milk is expired. It was really scared me when thinking of how if I didn’t see the date and let my baby consume the expired milk. Oh no, oh no! I hurried check all the rest of baby foods that I bought.

Normally, beside dairy product or something which can stand for few days, I rarely check the expiry date of the food that I buy. Next time, I will check all the date of expiry, no matter what. Must remember to check!

Thank God that He protects my baby. He opened my eyes to stare at the date.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fidel Sleeps Through The Night

It has been three weeks since we train Fidel to sleep through the night. Fidel sleeps with daddy while I was sick; I sleep in another room.

I am salute to Joseph that he can train Fidel to sleep till morning without suck the milk anymore. But sometimes Fidel still wakes up once, cries 1-2minutes and back to sleep again. Two thumbs-up for my hubby!
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