Wednesday, October 19, 2011


One day, I told my eldest son,"Fidel, Aunty SF got baby in her tummy"
Few days had passed. One night before sleep, Joseph and Fidel pray together like usual.
He likes to pray with Echo Prayers - Joseph pray a short phrase and Fidel will repeat. Recently he does not just repeat, but finish the sentence or say whatever he wants to say.

Daddy: Our Father in Heaven...
Fidel: Our Father in Heaven. Give thanks to you
Daddy: You give Habel a healthy body
Fidel: You give Habel a healthy body
Daddy: Pray for mommy...
Fidel: Pray for mommy...
Daddy: Take care of mommy, and let her strong and always healthy
Fidel: ... let her strong... and let mommy's tummy got baby
Daddy & Mommy: Huh??

I was breastfeeding Habel and turn my head to Joseph. We surprised of what he was saying. Scared me....
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