Friday, April 25, 2008

Music For Baby

Many people said, "Music is good for children even unborn baby". As my pregnancy is 19weeks now, I bought a headphone to be placed around my belly. I search few website about music for my baby. My friend told me that Mozart song is the best. Finally I found an interesting one, Munchkin-Mozart Favorites. It's a very good website, you can free download the songs from this website, get many information and tips for baby.

There are 2types of songs, womb songs and toddler songs. I download all the womb songs. I play the Wake Up Songs in the morning, Play Time Songs while I sit in front of my computer, and Sleepy Time Songs before I go to bed.

If you place a cassette player or speaker near your abdomen, you should limit it to no more than an hour a day, since the music is up close and may overstimulate the baby. And don't turn the volume too loud, because that may hurt or startle your baby.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a Boy!

I went to Adventist hospital with Joseph to do a regular check-up of my pregnancy. I'm pregnant for 19weeks. We were very excited because we will know the sex of our baby. I wish it's a girl, but my feeling said it's a boy. Usually mother's feeling always right.

I told doctor that I have a low back pain every time I get up in the morning for these 2days. He asked me not to sleep straight, but to sleep on the side, either left or right. Because the baby weight probably presses down the low back while we sleep. Anyhow, it works, no more pain while get up, but I'm not used to it, and couldn't sleep well.

Doctor did the ultrasound, and we can see the baby size is bigger now. And it's a boy! Oh... We thank God for this little cute baby boy. We could see his tiny kidney, the heart with 4rooms, the brain, etc. It's really amazing! His hands and legs keep moving actively. And he was like doing yoga exercise. The position was curling.

People, who don't know me, won't know that I'm pregnant because my tummy still small. My weight only gained for 3.1kg, but the size of my baby is normal. I will eat more as my appetite is getting better and better.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Apartment Mediterania Gajah Mada

This apartment is located in the heart of Jakarta-Indonesia, my home town before I married and move to my husband's country, Penang-Malaysia.

My father planned to make investment in this apartment, as the location is very strategic. So he and Joseph (my husband who has a little bit shares) bought 2units in year 2004.
Our apartment was first used in March 2008 for Joseph family who came from Malaysia to attend our wedding. They love to stay there, a cosy and simple apartment.
After our wedding, our apartment was not occupied anymore until my friend asked me whether she can rent it few days to accommodate her parents who came from outstation to attend her wedding as well. I said, "why not?"

Thanks to her, because I got the idea how I'm gonna run and make money from our 2units apartment. I discussed it with my father, and he agreed with the idea.
I start putting an advertisement at Weddingku website. This website is all about wedding information. It is written in Indonesia language and really helpful for the couple who prepare their wedding.

The advertisement, which I put, has a very good response. Many people start to call and email me to rent our apartment.
So, beside my first job in helping my father shops, I have a side job from our apartment.

After married I moved to Penang follow my husband. But I still can run the apartment. My sister helps to bring those intend to rent the place to see the units, while I work from home through the internet, receive and reply mails, and update the advertisement.

You can do the same if you have vacant apartment elsewhere!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Muah Muah, Kiss Kiss, Muah Muah, Kiss....

This evening Joseph(my husband) and I had a dinner to celebrate the U-care students farewell at Hidden Recipe Restaurant. They are students who study at USM(University Science Malaysia).

Joseph every 2weeks once conducts a bible study at their hostel. This is how we getting know them. So, before they go back to their own hometown after the graduation, we would like to have a simple gathering dinner with them.

Total of the people who came were 18people included us. Although not all of them are graduated students, we did have fun.

Before we went off, the students wanted to give Joseph an appreciation-their cute and famous slogan. Joseph tried to stop them, as many people in the restaurant will look at us. But they still did it innocently.

Their slogan: "*-*-***-****-** Muah muah, Kiss Kiss, Muah Muah, Kiss..."

Anyhow, we love it!
All the best to you. Remember God in everything you do.

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