Monday, August 17, 2009

He Won Again!

Two months ago (June 2009) I sent Fidel’s 7.5months photo to Parenthood Magazine to join the best smile photo competition from Mei Mei Babycare. I chose a photo which was taken after his bath (Mei 2009) when he laughed.

Last week I went to a magazine shop in Jusco, just to check what Parenthood Magazine contains about for August edition. Accidentally I saw Fidel’s photo. I was surprised, he won 3rd prize! Usually they will notify us through email; the notification came late this time. I didn’t expect that he will win, in fact I had forgotten about it.
Parenthood Magazine, August 2009
Fidel was 7.5months
Still don’t know what the gift is. I will post them in my blog when I receive the gift. So excited!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fidel's First Shoes

Last month we had a special guest visit from Jakarta. Her name is Fenny, one of my church friends in Jakarta. Before that she was in Singapore, and planned to come to Penang just to visit our beloved son. We were much honored.

She brought a lot of gifts for Fidel. Shoes were one of the gifts. This is Fidel’s first shoes! I put on the shoes to him quickly. At first Fidel cried and refused to wear. He felt threatened with the new thing on his feet. Suddenly he couldn’t stand with the shoes on him. Hahaha…

The next day, we tried again, and this time the shoes became his “friend”. He didn’t refuse and could stand with it.

I had a great time while Fenny was here; we spent most of the night to chit-chat, share about mother experience. I learned a lot from her; a good, wise and proud mother of pretty twin daughters and a talented son. Few dishes I learned from her while she cooked at our house. “Thanks for the great breakfast!”

Fidel was happy too, got aunty who likes to play, sing songs, and carry him while he bored.

“Thanks again for the visit, we look forward to visit you and family too”
Fidel with his new shoes

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Words

Two weeks ago we were visited by four friends from Jakarta. They are Devi, Christina, Renna and Cecilia; very talented young musicians. They did a classical concert here in Penang. Many people loved their performance.

They stayed in our tiny apartment and we (Joseph, Fidel and I) had a great time with the joy and happiness that they brought. Fidel was very happy, because got many “Jie Jie”(sister) played with him.
I told Fidel many times that they are “jie jie” when they played together. One day in the car, he looked to the back where they sat and he said “ceh... ceh…” Everybody was shocked to hear Fidel call “ceh-ceh” instead of “jie jie”. His ability to vocalize is improving.

Second word that he learned recently was when he plays with my handphone and the light of the handphone was automatically off, I said “No more light…, no more…” and Fidel imitated me by saying, “mo-mo…mo-mo”. I was shocked again, he learn something very fast. He is 10.5months now.
Few moments that Fidel will say “mo-mo” and turn his wrist, when:
1. Each part of Fun Song Factory-children song program that he watches finish.
2. I switch off the laptop.
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