Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Solo Concert in Penang, Malaysia

Four Boys Went Out Together

Jia Jie (Pei Ying's son) - Arthur (Jess's Son) - Samuel (Shirley's Son) - Fidel (My son)
Like what you see in the photo, these four boys went out together to Queensbay Mall with their moms. The three big boys had fun, my baby although couldn’t walk yet, but he enjoyed too. He enjoyed the aircond and slept when we just arrived there.

He was the best boy, because while all moms were busy with their boys, my son had a deep sleep after he drank 4oz milk. So… I was a free mom.

Jess showed me how to wear a pouch, if you are interested, you can visit her blog.

To Maintain Computer Privacy & Secrecy

How to maintain secrecy and privacy when using your computers... so ingenious..

No one can see your passwords or whatever you're typing

No one can see whatever you're typing or which website you're surfing

And the Ultimate is...............

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cruiser Customizing

Do you need motorcycle and parts? Don’t worry of couldn’t find those parts. Now you can find them at There is a very large selection of parts for a variety of bike models.

Right now they are offering a savings of 15% to 40%, which is a nice savings. You can also sign up for weekly specials. This site is full of many parts and accessories to keep you and your bike running smooth and looking good.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Combine Cell Group at Chiali's House

This photo was taken four months ago (July 2008), when three of us were pregnant.

Chiali-Liyi and baby Angeline

This photo was taken three weeks ago (8th November 2008), we had a combine cell group. Liyi and I had delivered the baby. There were two more pregnant ladies going to deliver soon; Jasmine and Eunice.

As I’m writing this post and put the photos in my blog, Jasmine had delivered the baby three weeks ago. Her baby is a girl, Faith Wong is her name. Congratulation Jasmine!

The next one will be Eunice’s turn. And follow by Chia Li’s wedding next year. Grin….
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