Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Second Baby is ....

Wanted to update to all my friends on 22 April 2010, but most of the time(night) I had already no mood to post and no strength to sit in front the computer. It made me late 3weeks to post this.
Thurs,22 April 2010

Today is the day that I’ve been waiting for. We’ll go to see our baby… We’re so excited as we would know the gender of the baby by 7pm. My pregnancy is 16weeks now.
It was a busy day again for me. Morning had a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). At noon wanted to have lunch with my friend-Chiali, but last minute I need to cancel it because I had my dad’s order of business. I reached home with Fidel sleeping in a car. Fidel always fall asleep in the car after BSF-doing some activity from children programme (Quite time, pray, Bible storytelling, singing hymn, have some snacks and play), provided by BSF.

I had my lunch while he sleeps. Thank God that I could enjoy my lunch while I’m very very hungry without being “disturb”. After did some chores, he woke up and I fed him lunch.

Three O’clock, I took Fidel to Bukit Mertajam to do dad’s business, Joseph was with me as he took half day leave—come back from dentist, he was not feeling well too.

Well… Let me cut my long….story. We reached home at 5pm. Rest for a while, and fed Fidel dinner, while Joseph still lying sick on the bed. I think he is too sick. I managed to get Chiali to accompany me.

Tadaa…! We reach the clinic. While waiting for my turn, Chiali and I were guessing what is the gender of my baby. Boy or girl is OK for me. But if ask me to choose…. I would prefer girl. I thought I can take “a breath” in the future as people say girl is more quite, not so active like a boy. I could experience new “model” of God’s creation, dress her like a doll. 

“Liana!” the nurse called my name. Oh, oh! It’s my turn now.

After “bli bli bla bla” with the Dr. I lied on the bed and Dr was ready to do the scanning.

Oh…. I’m so happy to see you again, my baby
, I spoke heart to heart to the baby as I saw him/her in the screen. I looked carefully and keep searching whether there is “a spout” coming out. Since Dr started does the scanning, telling me this is the spine, kidney, heart, brain, legs, hands, etc. until few minutes… the baby was not in a good position. He was stuck at one corner for so long. The position was very very bad. Finally, when Dr was about to “give up”, the baby finally could come out from the corner, as if he/she heard our conversation. While he/she stretch the body, Dr captured the photo. Before he captured the photo, he tried to search the gender and told me that he think it’s a male.

“Huh….??” My response was like asking the Dr to repeat again what he just said.
“I think is a son. 85% is a boy…” said the Dr.

O… ow… What immediately come to my mind was “How if the second one is active just like his brother? How to cope with them?”

However… male or female is OK for me. I just felt a bit “shocked” because few of my friends say, “It could be a girl” as they said that I look prettier since pregnant. Hahaha 

I went back home and told Joseph that it’s a boy. He said, “Good lah… so we have chance to have the third one.”
“What…?? How if the third one is boy again or TWIN BOYS??”

Anyhow… whatever the gender is…, “We welcome you, babe”. We believe God has His beautiful plan in each creation.


Yeong Shong said... it a boy or a girl, a child is a precious gift from the Lord.....

H K said...

As the Bible said,"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." (Ecc 4:12). So, go for three and even more, GAMBATE!!

Cookie said...

Same here, Liana. I get lazy these days and my entries were posted late, lol. Have you given birth already? It's a boy, right?
Mine is again a girl, hehe. But I wouldn't mine. I only pray for a normal, healthy baby and safe delivery. I'll be due 2nd wk of July.

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