Sunday, October 24, 2010

"I miss you, Mom"

I felt happy that my mom could come to Penang one day before I delivered. She stayed here to visit and help me during my confinement period.

She did a lot of chores for me as we know that during confinement time I should avoid touch the water and rest as much as I can. So everything about water my mom would handle it, including bath Fidel and the baby.

I’m so grateful that she can take care of Fidel too, cooks meal and entertain him as well. Joseph and I thank her so much. We couldn’t imagine if my mom didn’t come and help me. Maybe our house would be like a broken ship.

Time flies, today already reach three weeks. My mom will fly back to Jakarta. Pity my dad too. He must feel lonely when mom is not around.

“Mom, thank you so much for your help. Although you stay for three weeks, but it means so much for us. We're gonna miss you.”

One day before delivered with mom and sister
Trying the baby carrier on Fidel
Habel enjoy his bath"I'm gonna miss you, pho pho""Say cheeze...""See you again, pho pho"

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