Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Langsat and Jelly

I still remember Fidel's first word when he learned to communicate with us, which giggled us was "Up". He used the wrong word instead of "Down". I think he was about 20month-old that time.
Joseph and Fidel were playing together in the room. He wanted to ask his dad to come down from the bed. He pointed his finger and moved toward down and say, "Daddy up, daddy up".

Few months ago was Langsat/Duku (fruit) season. Joseph and Fidel like it so much. They ate together and Joseph always reminds him, "Be careful, got seed inside". After eat the flesh, he will spit the seed out.

Last Sunday at church, teacher gave him a small pack of jelly with nata de coco inside. First bite, he loves it. Then I helped press the whole jelly into his mouth. Soon he spit the whole jelly out.
I asked him, "Why?"
He frowned and said, "Got seed".


Yeong Shong said...

he's so funny....then ask him to take the jelly and spit the "seed" (nata de coco) out...after all nata de coco is not suitable for him too...

Flora said...

Hahaha.. Fidel is so cute.Do you ask him try to munch the nata the coco?

john said...
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