Friday, December 31, 2010

Named His Family

"Ana" This is how Joseph calls me every time.
One day I heard a little, cute and innocent voice call my name. "Ana..." Fidel called me! Children learn things very fast, especially at this early age.
When Fidel is with his daddy, Fidel likes to tease and keep calling my name, "Ana..., Ana..., Ana...."
OK... this is how he knows my name.

I teach him his daddy's name. He said "Yofes..." He still can not call his daddy's name clearly. Many times he forgets the name. Daddy's name quite hard to pronounce and remember.

Just one month before I deliver my second son, we finally decide his name. We told Fidel his brother name. I pointed my tummy and said, "弟弟的名字是(Brother's name is) Habel".

Surprisingly when I asked again what his brother's name, he can mention it clearly. At that moment he couldn't even mention his own name clearly yet.

After trained him few times about our name. Joseph had this conversation with him:
Joseph : "弟弟叫什么名(what is your brother's name)?"
Fidel : "Habel Lim"
Joseph : "你叫什么名(what is your name)?"
Fidel : "Fidel Lim"
Joseph : "妈妈呢(how about mother)?"
Fidel : "Ana..."
Joseph : "Daddy 叫什么名(what is daddy's name)?"
Fidel : "Papa Lim!"


Yeong Shong said...

hahaha.....Fidel is so cute...I laughed at the "Papa Lim" conversation...but he's not wrong though...

Liana Lioe said...

When we ask him again what is "didi" name? He answered "Didi Lim!" :)

Cookie said...

hehe..Fidel's funny and cute! Chloe used to be like that before, she called my husband's name because that was what she heard me call him. I later decided to call my husband 'daddy' so that Chloe will follow me and it worked. Now, I am so used calling my hubby 'Daddy', hehe...

Liana Lioe said...

yes, that's how I call my hubby "Daddy". Because I know that Fidel is a good follower.

Philippine Wedding Resources said...

Nice family !!

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